9 Must-Read Personal Finance Rockstar Blogs in the US

9 Must-Read Personal Finance Rockstar Blogs in the US

by August 14, 2018

On September 26-29, 2018, FinCon18 Orlando, the country’s premier conference for financial bloggers, will bring together more than 2,000 digital content creators and brands in personal finance and investing.

The four-day event will provide participants with a platform to connect and share. These will hear from some of the most successful bloggers in the industry and learn how to create better content, reach a wider audience, and make more money.

In light of the upcoming FinCon event, we have compiled a list of the nine most must-read personal finance blogs out there that will help you accomplish your financial goals and reach financial freedom.

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Mr. Money Mustache

Mr Money MustacheMr. Money Mustache is the website and pseudonym of Canadian-born blogger Peter Adeney. Adeney retired from his job as a software engineer in 2005 at age 30 by spending only a small percentage of his annual salary and consistently investing the remainder, primarily in stock market index funds.

Adeney lives in Longmont, Colorado, and contends that most middle-class individuals can and should spend less money and own fewer physical possessions, and that they can live with increased financial freedom and happiness as well as a decreased environmental footprint as a result.

The blog has been featured and cited in various media outlets including Market Watch, CBS News, and The New Yorker, as well as others.


Visual Capitalist

Visual CapitalistVisual Capitalist creates and curates enriched visual content. It is a digital media brand that uses data, art, and storytelling to make complex issues more digestible for millions of investors around the world.

Focusing on topics such as markets, technology, energy, and the global economy, Visual Capitalist is currently one of the fastest growing online publishers in North America.

The company’s approach of fusing data, art, and storytelling has helped build an affluent millennial audience (>50%) with a reach that is expanding rapidly. Visual Capitalist’s work can also often be found in Business Insider, Marketwatch, Zero Hedge, and other business-oriented publications.


Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly

Named Best Blog by Time magazine and Most Inspiring Money Blog by Money magazine, Get Rich Slowly is devoted to sensible personal finance.

Creator J.D. Roth’s philosophy is that building wealth takes time. He believes in setting goals, spending less than you earn and paying yourself first — and the posts on his blog reflect these beliefs.

Besides Get Rich Slowly, Roth is also the creator of Money Boss, a blog that focuses on helping readers master their money and life. The core idea is “manage your personal finances as if you were managing a small business.”


Money Crashers

Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a personal finance resource with the mission of educating readers about how to improve their “financial fitness.” Topics covered include money management, budgeting, frugality, careers & education, investing, retirement, and small business.

It strives to educate individuals in making wise choices and provides sensible advice to people of all ages and stages of life.

Money Crashers has been featured on national media outlets including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, MSNBC, Business Insider, Forbes, and more.


Wise Bread

Wise BreadWise Bread is a financial advice website that offers advice on personal finance, life hacks, and advice about buying goods and services.

This site is about being smart with your money and “Live Large on a Small Budget.” It covers a broad range of money-related topics, from opening a Roth IRA for your child to reusing detergent bottles.

Wise Bread has won several awards including About.com’s Personal Finance Blog of the Year, PC Magazine’s Top 100 Websites, and Kiplinger’s Top 10 Financial Blogs.


Consumerism Commentary

Consumerism Commentary

Consumerism Commentary is an online blog focusing on personal finance and consumer issues. The blog provides daily articles stemming from current events and events in the author’s own life.

Luke Landes is said to be the first blogger to share monthly financial updates, such as his net worth statement, with no restrictions.

Landes, who goes by Flexo on the site, has been blogging about personal finance and his own finances since 2003. He started the blog to hold himself accountable for his money decisions. Now the site covers all aspects of personal finance and provides reviews of financial products.


Modest Money

Modest MoneyModest Money provides insightful investment analysis from a diverse array of investment and financial minds. The site’s regular contributors investigate the cutting edge of investment opportunities, while helping readers steer clear of investing pitfalls.

Modest Money also provides breaking investment news, including stock market developments, currency trading reports, and the latest commodities events.


Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai claims to be one of the largest indy personal finance sites with 1 million organic page views a month. The blog delves deeper into investing, real estate, retirement planning, career strategies, money philosophy, and more, to achieve financial independence sooner, rather than later. It also gives honest and in-depth reviews of financial products. Every article is written based off first hand experience to provide the most helpful insights possible.

Financial Samurai has been highlighted in major publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal Online, Business Insider, The Consumerist, The Sydney Herald, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times. I’ve also done interviews with AARP, Newstalk Radio 910AM (KKSF San Francisco) and Bloomberg.


Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy

Launched in 2008, Budgets Are Sexy is a personal finance blog that follows the author’s own adventures with income, debt, and savings. It aims to make personal finance and money management fun by avoiding the usual long in-depth instruction manual format, and instead provides a fun place to share and interact.

J. Money, the pseudonym of the site’s creator, is an award winning personal finance blogger and fintech consultant. With over a decade of building communities online, Jay’s projects have reached 30+ million views and have been featured numerous times in the media.


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