New Proptech Firm Fixmyspace Kicks off to Offer Maintenance Services in Romandy

New Proptech Firm Fixmyspace Kicks off to Offer Maintenance Services in Romandy

by October 22, 2021

fixmyspace, a newly established Swiss proptech firm, announced that it has just launched its mobile application and online platform for the Romandy region.

The startup said that it aims to standardise and optimise the process of repairs and breakdowns via a digital platform, in order to eliminate the uncertainty and stress faced by homeowners.

fixmyspace provides a unique offer with a guarantee of market rates and the assurance of local and quality providers.

In addition, a multi-disciplinary team will accompany the customer and remains as the main contact throughout the entire process until the maintenance is completed.

The fixmyspace’s platform is based the standardisation of the pricing of services, allowing users to obtain a complete and transparent offer.

This includes the total cost of the maintenance, scheduling, and a qualified service provider.

fixmyspace offers a wide range of services from plumbing, painting/plastering, electricity, heating, locksmithing, household appliances and window and door repairs to insect control.

Patrick Odoni, CEO of fixmyspace. 

Patrick Odoni

“The asymmetry of information between providers and customers is a source of stress for the latter. Based on this premise, the idea was born to apply an innovative form of standardisation which would addresse this problem.


It’s a project that not only requires flawless technological execution, but also a good dose of market awareness and common sense. It’s a rare opportunity to quickly create real added value in an area that affects virtually everyone in Switzerland.”

said Patrick Odoni, CEO of fixmyspace.


Featured image: Edited from Flickr

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