Investart Drops Commissions to Zero in Switzerland

Investart Drops Commissions to Zero in Switzerland

by January 5, 2021

Investart is a Swiss online investing service. Its intuitive “click-of-a-button” platform is intended for everyone, catering especially to regular people who are new to investing.

Clients can choose between creating and managing their own investment portfolios or, alternatively, accepting portfolios proposed (based on their needs and profile) and managed by Investart. The platform features a Robo-advisor powered by Nobel-prize winning models for the purpose of managing such portfolios.

Richard Toolen CEO Investart

Richard Toolen, CEO of Investart

Investart charges no commissions, no third-party fees, no VAT nor other taxes or duties for its regular online investing services. Its revenues are sourced through Premium services such as personal consultations, pension planning and wealth planning, which are subject to fees.

Typically, when beginners pick individual company stocks or bonds, their risk of financial losses due to wrong title selection (“unsystematic risk”) is especially high. In order to reduce such risks, Investart offers investments not into individual stocks and bonds, but into various themes, industries, countries, markets and asset classes, implemented via Exchange Traded Funds.

Investart AG is a Swiss asset management company founded in 2016 and based in Zurich. It was created by a team of professionals with PhD and MBA degrees in Finance, each having on average 15+ years of expertise in investment management and advisory.

Investart is member of the Financial Services Standards Association (VQF) industry organization, subject to the Swiss regulation for professional asset managers. Cash deposits with Investart are insured up to CHF 100’000. Client assets are kept in the custody of Interactive Brokers – one of the largest brokerage companies in the world.

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