SEON Partners With Provenir to Improve Fraud Detection Solutions

SEON Partners With Provenir to Improve Fraud Detection Solutions

by June 22, 2022

Fraud prevention platform SEON announced a new partnership with credit risk specialist Provenir to help organisations build better fraud prevention solutions.

Through this partnership, Provenir provides an AI-powered decisioning platform that can assess risk in areas like identity, credit, and fraud.

The Provenir Marketplace provides organisations with a one-stop data hub that makes it easy to access information covering open banking, KYC/KYB, fraud, credit risk, verifications, social media, collections, affordability and more.

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This comprehensive fintech data and business intelligence ecosystem brings together offerings from data vendors around the globe into one cloud solution for data consumption.

Meanwhile, SEON’s system can establish an individual’s digital footprint based on their email address, phone number, IP address, or location in real-time.

This GDPR-compliant approach to analysing a user’s digital footprint helps companies to accept more transactions while blocking fraudulent ones.

This service provides secure customer identification, while not interfering with the optimal customer journey.

The new partnership is now fully live, with SEON’s solution already helping to improve fraud detection performance in conjunction with Provenir’s platform.

Jimmy Fong

Jimmy Fong

Jimmy Fong, CCO of SEON commented,

“SEON and Provenir perfectly complement each other, which makes our new partnership a match made in heaven for businesses across a number of sectors. From the first interactions, it was clear that our two businesses’ visions were fully aligned. Now, together, we will improve experiences for users across the company’s platform, while reducing the risk of fraud.

“Provenir is a great partner as they target identity, fraud and credit risk. Now, with access to our data sources, the company is able to provide customers with more data choices to include in their credit risk management solutions. In addition, our technology is helping to enrich know-your-customer (KYC) checks to further mitigate the risk of fraud and to enable better customer decisions. By working collaboratively, we’re able to ensure this process is as seamless and straightforward as possible.”

Carol Hamilton

Carol Hamilton

Carol Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions at Provenir added,

“We’re excited to have SEON join the Provenir Marketplace to help customers gain real-time insights from social and digital sources to verify identity and combat fraud.


SEON’s rich data and flexibility allows customers to customize their rules and risk models as needed to make instant, accurate decisions.”



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