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A Look at Switzerland’s Booming Digital Asset Ecosystem

In recent years, Switzerland’s blockchain and digital asset ecosystem has matured rapidly and grown into one of the world’s leading blockchain hubs, a position that’s asserted by its expanding workforce and a rising number of foreign companies setting up operations

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Crypto Trading Platform BitMEX Expands Its Footprint to Switzerland

BitMEX, a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform, announced the expansion of its footprint to Switzerland. Switzerland will be home to BitMEX Link, a brokerage service for the adoption and trading of digital assets. The company also intends to apply for a

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7 Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges You Should Know

Someone once said to me, “A cryptocurrency exchange could be the best exchange, until it isn’t.” The question of “which is the best cryptocurrency exchange?” is a difficult one to answer. The best exchange today could be subject to a

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