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7 Wealthtechs in Switzerland Offering More Than Just Your Average Robo-Advisory

Wealthtech is a lesser known little brother to fintech that has slowly been gaining a strong footing in Switzerland. The term refers to companies that use tech like robo-advisors and automation to digitise the wealth and asset management sector. Today,

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Top 11 Wealthtech Companies in Switzerland

Wealthtech, a segment of fintech referring to digital solutions transforming the investment and asset management, is thriving in Switzerland. With 75 companies, wealthtech is currently the second most crowded fintech segment in Switzerland, after cryptocurrency and blockchain with 105 companies,

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Bank CIC Launches “Next-Gen Robo-Advisor” Clevercircles

A new robo-advisor called Clevercircles has been launched by Bank CIC in Switzerland that promises more possibilities for investors and which brings a social aspect into online wealth management. Developed in partnership with Swiss IT services provider ti&m, Clevercircles joins

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