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Welcome Aboard: CoinsBank announced second annual Blochchain Event on a Cruise Ship

The blockchain and fintech events are announced daily. Most of these events are just another day at the office, but every once in a while you there is an event of epic proportions….  ANNOUNCING: The CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise! The CoinsBank

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The First Fully Transparent Closed End Fund Dedicated to Blockchain Assets Hires Swiss Advisors

TaaS, the first ever tokenized closed end fund (CEF) dedicated to blockchain assets, today announced the latest additions to their Board of Advisors. Ahead of their upcoming Initial Coin Offering launching on March 27, 2017, TaaS invites global banking expert Patrick

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The 3 Coolest Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Fintech Events This Year

Fintech, a term referring to the use of computer programs and other technology to support and enable banking and financial services, has taken the industry by storm. Global venture investment in fintech grew by 11% to US$17.4 billion in 2016,

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