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Digital Nomadism, a Catalyst for Growth but also Fraud Surge

For companies, the digital nomad movement is a double-edged sword. Bringing about new growth opportunities but also increasing fraud cases involving forgeries and counterfeit documents, a new study conducted by Regula, a global developer and provider of forensic devices and

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Rise of Digital Nomads Introduces Identify Verification Challenges to Banks and Fintech Companies

The rise of remote work is forcing adjustments within businesses and introducing new challenges. For finance and technology businesses, the number of foreign document verification cases has increased considerably throughout the years, a development which organizations are struggling to deal

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Competition Heats up Among Digital Nomad Visa Nations

As the digital nomad lifestyle becomes increasingly popular, countries around the world are setting up special visa programs for remote workers and digital entrepreneurs, allowing them to legally live and work in the country. So-called digital nomad visas have popped

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