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Accelerators, Incubators and VCs for Fintechs in London

London has the world’s largest financial services sector, supported by a booming tech sector. The city has all the key ingredients for fintech success: capital, talent, regulatory and government support. In 2016, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority launched its fintech

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Top Worldwide VCs and Investors in Bitcoin and Blockchain

Blockchain, a type of database that records an ongoing list of tamper-proof records, has created a lot of hype in the financial services industry, promising to allow banks to save billions in infrastructure costs and significantly increase efficiency. The world’s

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5 Bitcoin and Blockchain Investors in Europe to Know

Blockchain, the technology that underpins the bitcoin digital currency, is said to have the potential to revolutionize the world economy. Blockchains are a new way to store information in a distributed and decentralized manner, bringing a number of benefits: stronger

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