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Bilt Rewards Hits US$1.5B Valuation With US$150M Round Led by Left Lane Capital

Bilt Rewards, a rewards programme for renters, has raised US$150 million at a US$1.5 billion valuation. The round was led by Left Lane Capital, with Smash Capital, Wells Fargo, Greystar, Greystar, Camber Creek, Fifth Wall, and Prosus Ventures participating. Launched

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SWIFT and Capgemini Successfully Interlink CBDCs for Cross-Border Payments

SWIFT and Capgemini have achieved CBDC-to-CBDC transactions between different distributed ledger technology networks based on Quorum and Corda technologies, as well as fiat-to-CBDC flows between these networks and a real-time gross settlement system. The experiment showed that the blockchain networks

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