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Messenger Banking das nächste grosse Ding

Smartphones dringen immer tiefer in unser Leben vor. Und zwar in einem Grad, der noch vor 10 Jahren unvorstellbar gewesen wäre. Das haben die Banken schon vor einigen Jahren bemerkt. Kaum eine Bank, die keine Mobile Banking-Lösung anbietet. Aber wollen

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Facebook Payments Registered as E-Money Entity in Spain

Facebook has registered as an electronic money provider in Spain as the firm seeks to expands its peer-to-peer payments functionalities over Messenger to Europe. Facebook Payments International Limited (FBPIL) was added to the Bank of Spain’s register of e-money entities on

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The Rise of Chatbot Banking and AI Money-Managing Assistants

As the market for apps is maturing and artificial intelligence advancing, text-based services, or chatbots, are poised to take off. Chatbots are essentially software programs that use messaging as the interface to carry out various tasks. Venture Beat estimates that

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