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Fintech Switzerland 2017 in Review

The Swiss fintech ecosystem experienced significant growth in 2017, aided by a supportive regulatory framework, traditional financial players’ willingness to collaborate with startups, and new international fintech agreements. As of December 2017, the Swiss fintech scene had 209 startups, according

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Swiss Fintech Ecosystem: Accelerators, Incubators and Associations

Johannes Hoehener, head of Swisscom’s Digital Banking Innovations, has shared an infographic summarizing the Swiss fintech ecosystem, its players and leading organizations.   Accelerators Kickstart Accelerator Kickstart is a startup program that aims to put Switzerland on the map by

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Switzerland’s Fintech Ecosystem, Startups and Challenges and 11 Fintech Players to Watch

Switzerland is known for being one of the main global financial centers, with the sector contributing to 10% of the country’s GDP. Given the fast pace of digital disruption in the financial services industry, the country is trying to keep

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