Author: Ben Robinson


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Ben heads up strategy, marketing and innovation at Temenos, the market-leading fintech company. He is also a mentor at Fintech Fusion, Switzerland’s first fintech start-up accelerator, and a board advisor to Swiss technology companies.

Next month, we will be hosting our series of Innovation Jams. The Jams are competitions which take place in 5 cities (Singapore, Miami, Abu Dhabi, London and Geneva) aimed at finding the most interesting fintech start-ups from across the globe. The two winners from each Jam then travel to the Temenos Community Forum in Lisbon to battle for the title of global Innovation Jam champion. The Jams tell us a lot about the fintech industry. We kicked off the Jams in 2015, so this is now the third year. Obviously we will have a much better feel for the…

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Digitization of the banking industry is making new banking business models possible. But, it is the combination of regulation and technology that is making new business models a necessity. There are 4 strategic options open to banks, shown below. These vary in terms of the scope of banks’ own activities as well as in terms of profitability. The traditional universal banking model and the infrastructure provider model are both asset intensive and low margin, which makes them unattractive. In addition, the universal banking model, in that it requires the bank to manufacture and distribute all of its products, is probably…

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