Author: Martynas Bieliauskas, CEO & Co-founder, Klarpay AG


Martynas Bieliauskas

Martynas is an innovative leader with over 15 years of experience in the financial services and fintech industry. A serial entrepreneur, Martynas has a proven track record in building high-growth businesses through people leadership, innovation, and technology. In his last venture as one of the founders and key stakeholders of a multinational Fintech company, Martynas had successfully steered an organization from inception to servicing over 1.5 million users globally with more than a billion EUR in daily transaction volume. Martynas’ experience in scaling businesses has exposed him to the inefficiencies of traditional business banking, payment, and disbursement solutions. As one of the founders and current CEO of Klarpay, Martynas’ mission is to make B2B banking and payment solutions accessible to digital businesses of all kinds.

Bridging the Gap Between Online Business and Transactional Banking

As the global economy shifts towards an interconnected future, digitalisation continues to transform the world of transactional banking. Fintechs often outpace traditional banking institutions when it comes to serving the fast paced environment of online business. Swiss fintech Klarpay AG aims to bridge that gap. Founded in 2019, Klarpays’ vision is to create a nimble and modern all-in-one solution to empower digital businesses through, scalable, and API enabled corporate accounts and cross-border payment capabilities. Klarpay combines a digital first IBAN account with multi-currency global payment acceptance, and disbursement. The Legacy Fallacy For digital entrepreneurs to achieve results and create value…

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