Author: Slava Solodkiy


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Managing Partner at Life.SREDA VC. One of TOP35 most influence fintech-persons in the world and TOP100 fintech leaders in Asia

POS consumer credit develops explosively. There are two main segments of POS credit industry solutions — for offline and online sellers. Affirm, working with borrowers under 35, has already shipped its solution to 850+ offline sellers and more than 10 big e-commerce platforms. In round D the company raised $100M ($420M in total). Canadian startup FinanceIt attracted another $17 M (sold its solution to more than 1000 customers). Russian REVO raised $20M (with another $5M in 2015), American BlisPay — $12.75M at seed stage (now they are in a process of raising of similar amount of money), LoanHero — $2.5M ($4.2M in total, integrated with 100+…

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