5 Upcoming Blockchain Events around the World

5 Upcoming Blockchain Events around the World

by October 18, 2017

With all these talk and the new highs of Bitcions, it’s hard to ignore the technology behind them which is Blockchain. If you still don’t have a clue on what Blockchain is about, check out An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to BlockChain.

With startups and regulators around the world embracing the technology’s potential [See here], you will want to also be on the forefront and aware of the latest trends. Here’s our pick of the top five upcoming Blockchain events around the world.

London Blockchain & Energy Summit 2017

November 06, 2017

Startup Competition venture

Linklaters, 1 Silk St, London

The London Blockchain & Energy Summit is the original blockchain conference focusing on energy. The event will bring together senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and startups.

Covered topics will include energy provenance, distribution and trading on blockchain, the state of blockchain and energy, ICOs, energy and tokens, and blockchain and machines.

2nd Annual Blockchain Conference Hong Kong

November 10, 2017

Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel

The second Annual Blockchain Conference Hong Kong will bring together senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and startups to discuss blockchain technology beyond bitcoin.

Topics covered will include ICOs, regulatory updates, blockchain beyond financial services, and more.

UNLOCK Blockchain: the Future of Sharing Economy

January 14 – 15, 2018

Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai

Al-Iktissad-Wal-Aamal Co. with the sponsorship of Smart Dubai Office, Dubai’s government entity leading the Smart City transformation with the higher aim of achieving happiness, and in cooperation with UAE Bank Federation will be organizing the “UNLOCK” Blockchain: the Future of Sharing Economy to be held at Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai UAE from 14th of January until 15th of January 2018. The event will bring together more than 400 attendees from across the MENA region and parts of Asia.

Use the code fintechnews20 when registering to get a 20% discount.

Crypto Finance Conference

January 17-19, 2018

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Crypto Finance Conference ’18 in St. Moritz, Switzerland is the World’s first and largest investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments. The CFC’18 brings together both private and institutional investors and the leading providers of the crypto & blockchain universe. The 3-day conference offers expert education, investment opportunities, excellent networking opportunities and last but not least a great setting in one of the World’s best ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.

London Blockchain Week 2018

January 19-26, 2018

London, UK

JANUARY 19-21, 2018
Blockchain Week kicks off with the Hack-The-Block Blockchain Hackathon at Cocoon Network. The challenge will be set by our sponsor(s). Typically we require an innovative use of Blockchain/DLT technology To solve a real problem. The winners for 2017 got the opportunity to develop their projects further with the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea. Get in touch if you’d like to sponsor the 2018 Challenge.

JANUARY 22-24, 2018
The original Blockchain Conference is back a 4th year. We launched the first Blockchain Conference in 2015, since then we have taken the event to New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and many other cities. The 4th Annual Blockchain London Conference & Expo will take place during London Blockchain Week. This year, the event will span 3 days. The first day will feature an expo of 40-60 of the hottest blockchain companies worldwide. After the expo we’ll run our two day conference exploring Blockchain/DLT across all sectors.

JANUARY 25-26 2018
While the conference is great for keeping up to date with the latest trends from top industry experts, people who would like a deeper dive into Blockchain/DLT can attend workshops on topics including, Smart Contracts, Ethereum and BigchainDB, to name a few. We’ve dedicated Wednesday and Thursday to learning. Space is limited. Workshops will take place at Cocoon Networks. Get in touch if you would like to sponsor a workshop or Blockchain related event.