A Swiss Luxury Watch For Purchase Exclusively Via Bitcoin

A Swiss Luxury Watch For Purchase Exclusively Via Bitcoin

by October 5, 2018

OSL, an Asian digital asset brokerage, announced a partnership with Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, to offer a limited edition luxury watch to be purchased only using bitcoin.

This marks the first time that a luxury product within the LVMH Group has been offered for sale exclusively using a digital asset.

The launch of the watch marks the tenth anniversary of the 2008 introduction of bitcoin as the world’s first decentralized digital asset. The watch will be limited to 210 pieces, reflecting the maximum amount of BTC that will ever be available in the market – there will be 21 million BTC tokens in circulation when fully mined.

Startup Competition venture

The watch will be available for sale exclusively from Hublot with payment services via OSL’s digital asset trading services.

Delivery of the watch is expected in January 2019.

Hublot is the Official Timekeeper for OSL. All digital asset transactions via the trading platform are time-stamped based on Hublot time keepers.

Fintechnews comment: A nice marketing gimmick for OSL to get more trading customer and nice to see Swiss watches going BTC.

Featured image via https://www.hublot.com/blockchain-presale/