Mt Pelerin’s New Platform Aims To Help Startups Launch a Security Tokens

Mt Pelerin’s New Platform Aims To Help Startups Launch a Security Tokens

by June 25, 2019

Mt Pelerin, a Swiss blockchain company specialising in banking and finance, has announced the launch of a one-stop shop service to help startups and businesses raise funds with of security tokens.

The company looks to allow for fundraising by offering equity or bonds incorporated into a security token, and then geared directly to the public, while still retaining traditional investors’ interests.

The new tool should allow companies of any size access to fundraising methods like IPOs, and they claim to do so without significant entry barriers. The idea is to democratise and boost liquidity of similar investments.

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Mt Pelerin said that they will also provide support on the technical, financial and compliance aspects. In fact, Mt Pelerin themselves created and sold their first tokenised share last October, which provides direct ownership to the Mt Pelerin Group SA entity. The company sold 5% of its equity, without intermediaries, to hundreds of investors around the world and raised US$2.15 million in the process.

Arnaud Salomon, the founder and CEO of Mt Pelerin said:

Arnaud Salomon

Arnaud Salomon

“Our purpose is to serve startups and SMEs with a comprehensive and professional tokenization technology easily and at a low cost.”

“In addition to the technical aspects of security tokenization, we are able to conduct KYC/AML on behalf of our clients and offer fiat escrow accounts.”



The goal of this service is to help companies focus on their fund raising and relieve them from all the other tasks for which they don’t have the necessary time or technical capabilities.

Mt Pelerin’s technology uses an approach based on compliance (account opening, MiFID II, etc.) as well as anti-money laundering regulations. The claim is that the platform can dynamically enforce transferability restriction rules triggered by a rule engine, over multiple possessions, allowing the application of relevant regulations.

Mt Pelerin does so through an open-source compliant tokenisation framework designed to adapt to constantly evolving laws, as well as multiple jurisdictions.

Mt Pelerin is also working on obtaining a banking license in Switzerland.