Securing Wealth in Changing Times

Securing Wealth in Changing Times

by April 4, 2023

Fifteen years after the financial crisis, banks are again experiencing a crisis of confidence that has caused stock prices to fluctuate wildly and destroyed Credit Suisse. But that is not the only problem – sovereign debt continues to rise and inflation remains stubbornly high. New solutions for long-term wealth preservation are needed now. Are real estate, equities, or gold the right solutions to protect against crises and maintain purchasing power?

Your money continues to lose value because inflation is higher than the interest on your savings account. But how can you protect your assets from crises and maintain purchasing power at the same time?

Not an easy question – the current financial situation is a challenge for many. Especially risk-averse investors often make expensive mistakes because they often leave large amounts in their savings accounts.

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Don’t be fooled by banks

In Switzerland, inflation was hardly noticeable for many years. Especially because of energy prices and increased transport costs, we now see values around 3% here as well. That’s why you should be concerned with it now. The banks are paying modest interest again, but you are still losing money if you just leave it in your account. Your savings lose purchasing power in real terms because inflation is much higher than the bank interest rate. Our inflation calculator shows what this can add up to over the years. You will be surprised by the results.

Crisis resistance and inflation protection

In the past, real estate was very popular as a protection against inflation, but prices have risen excessively in recent years. Institutional and large investors have therefore already started to sell high-yielding properties. Because mortgage rates are rising again and thus demand for private residential property is declining, more and more experts are warning of a significant correction in real estate prices. We therefore recommend a more diversified and actively managed strategy with a variety of real assets.

RealUnit is a modern solution for investments with real assets. Our primary objectives are: maintaining purchasing power and protecting assets in crisis situations. Particular emphasis is placed on investments in physical gold, silver, and industrial metals. Furthermore, shares in mainly Swiss companies with a solid balance sheet, sustainable earnings and a crisis-resistant business model ensure a high degree of stability in the portfolio. The asset allocation is actively managed according to the market situation. This increases crisis resistance and the ability to protect assets in the best possible way.

Securing wealth in changing times
The most important goals of the RealUnit are simple: to protect the invested capital as best as possible against inflation and to preserve its value in the long term, especially in times of crisis. The classic bearer share is purchased on the BX Swiss or can be traded as a tokenised registered share on the website. RealUnit brings more stability to your portfolio. For more information, visit

Reasonable returns

Stability is more important than speculation! The RealUnit therefore strives for wealth preservation and a return that is in line with the real economy. The average performance of 2.6% p.a. is slightly above Switzerland’s gross domestic product and thus confirms that the strategy in the past has delivered what it promises.

A decent result in 2022

Asset protection last year meant minimising losses. 2022 was one of the worst years in stock market history. Many asset classes or mixed funds suffered losses of over -15%. With -4.2%, RealUnit Schweiz AG achieved a relatively decent result despite the most adverse circumstances. The strategy of defensive investments and a very large allocation to real assets proved its value. The overweight in precious metals, the selection of very solid stocks and the tactical hedging with options helped to limit the losses. In addition, the company form gives us more flexibility compared to investment funds, which we used to hold larger liquidity positions at times.

Attractive alternative to bank investments

A peculiarity of investing in RealUnit Schweiz AG is that you automatically become a shareholder of the investment company and have a right of co-determination by participating in the general meeting. You participate indirectly in the real assets, which play a major role at RealUnit, because at least half of the investments (mostly physical gold and silver) are stored in secure bunkers in Switzerland and thus outside the banking system.


As an additional special feature, investors can choose between a classic bearer share and a digital share token on the blockchain with equal rights. You do not need a bank to store and trade the token. Therefore, you always have direct access and complete financial sovereignty.

Real assets: a worthwhile investment

When times change, you should also rethink your financial habits. On you will find important reasons why an actively managed strategy focusing on real values can provide the best possible protection for your assets against inflation and loss of value in the long term. And please sign up for the newsletter.


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