ABN AMRO Extends Partnership With Temenos to Accelerate Its Innovation Pace

ABN AMRO Extends Partnership With Temenos to Accelerate Its Innovation Pace

by April 13, 2022

ABN AMRO Bank has signed a multi-year subscription extension with cloud banking platform Temenos to support its customer growth.

In order to support the bank’s business expansion on the Temenos Banking Cloud, the extended agreement includes access to the Temenos Continuous Deployment as-a-service for the bank’s 22 DevOps teams.

Since adopting Temenos Continuous Deployment in 2019, ABN AMRO Bank said that it has reduced time to configure, test, and deploy software change from weeks to days, enabling the bank to move towards a ‘code in the morning, deploy in the afternoon’ approach.

Startup Competition venture

The Dutch bank added that the capability to introduce new features and functions for an increasingly demanding customer base gives it a competitive advantage.

ABN AMRO Bank estimates that the Temenos Continuous Deployment increases the efficiency of its early-stage testing by 30%, daily test pipelines from 1 to 15, and will accelerate test cycles by a factor of 10 – leading to more frequent and effective innovation.

By giving teams their own environments, the bank aims to empower its DevOps teams in their delivery.

Friso Westra

Friso Westra

Friso Westra, Head of IT Development Core Banking and Wealth International of ABN AMRO Bank said,

“With Continuous Deployment on the Temenos Banking Cloud, we empower our DevOps teams to develop new services and get them to the market much faster.


We see a future of banking fully in the cloud, and this further collaboration with Temenos takes us one step closer to that vision.”

Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer of Temenos

Max Chuard

Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer, Temenos said,

“We are delighted ABN AMRO Bank, one of the largest and most innovative banks in Europe, has extended its collaboration with Temenos to leverage the power of Temenos Banking Cloud.


A cohesive DevOps strategy is critical to gaining and retaining a competitive edge, and ABN AMRO Bank leads the way with its world-class agile development teams.”