European Fintech Awards 2016 Announces Winners including 2 Swiss Fintech

European Fintech Awards 2016 Announces Winners including 2 Swiss Fintech

by April 16, 2016

Winners of the The  European Fintech Awards:

The 2016 European Fintech Awards and Conference has announced the winning companies for its startup competition, among which Swiss based Knip, Austrian based Wikifolio, German based Kreditech, Monese and Funding Circle.

European Fintech Awards and Conference 2016On April 14, 2016, in Amsterdam, the 2016 European Fintech Awards and Conference held one of the largest events in Europe dedicated to the financial technology sector and its ecosystem. Taking place at the ABN AMRO Headoffice in Amsterdam, the event featured presentations and discussion panels on the massive digital disruption undergoing in the financial services industry.

Topics tackled during the conference included robo-advisors, blockchain technology, financial inclusion and the Internet of Things, among many others.

The event also featured demos and pitches from the region’s best fintech companies. These companies had the privilege to showcase their products to an audience filled with experts, VCs, and executives from established financial institutions. It also rewarded the most promising and innovative startups among different categories.

Prior to the conference, the nominees had been chosen from a selection of over 400 fintech companies. The list was then shortened to 100 companies. More than 60,000 online voters and a jury of experts picked the best contestants, which took the stage to showcase their products.

Based on the pitches, the jury rewarded BehavioSec, a Swedish startup developing authentication and verification technology, with the Best European Fintech Company Award 2016. BehavioSec was also named the Best Risk, Intelligence, and Security company.


Other winners and their sub categories are:

Best Challenger Bank: Monese, a UK-based startup providing an online banking platform for EU residents.

Best Alternative Finance company: Funding Circle, a UK-based peer-to-peer lending services for SMEs.

Best Payments company: Ebury, a UK-based online business financial startup.

Best PFM company: Wikifolio, an Austrian online platform for active investment strategies of private traders and professional asset managers.

Best Blockchain/Bitcoin company: Everledger, a London startup using blockchain technology to provide a permanent ledger for diamond certification and related transaction history.

Best Financial Inclusion company: Kreditech, a German online lender offering loans to individuals based on their creditworthness which is analyzed using online data.

Best InsurTech company: Knip, a Swiss mobile-based insurance broker and digital insurance manager.

Best Risk, Intelligence & Security company: BehavioSec, a Stockholm-based startup that develops authentication technologies.

Best Banking Software company: Backbase, a Dutch software company designing products helping enterprises optimize their customer experiences.

European Fintech Awards and Conference 2016 Winners

From left to right: Norris Koppel ​(Monese), Jelmer de Jong (Backbase), Lennart Boerner (Kreditech), Neil Costigan (Behaviosec), Dennis Just (Knip), Wim der Kinderen (Xpenditure), Andreas Kern (Wikifolio), Toby Young (Ebury), Jeroen Broekema (Funding Circle) and Leanne Kemp (Everledger), via


Based on public voting, the winners for the sub categories are:

Best Challenger Bank: Monese

Best Alternative Finance company: MoneyMan, a Spanish startup providing short-term personal loans to customers.

Best Payments company: Ininal, a Turkish company providing simple financial products to the unbanked.

Best PFM company: Netdania, a Danish service providing advanced charting packages.

Best Blockchain/Bitcoin company: I/O Digital, company providing open source blockchain technology for decentralized identity management, smart contracts, rights management, vote management, and more.

Best Financial Inclusion company: Aston iTrade Finance, a French company providing an online platform dedicated to optimize trade receivables management for customers and suppliers.

Best InsurTech company: Oseven, a Greek company providing insurance companies with telematics to apply Usage Based Insurance.

Best Risk, Intelligence & Security company: Qumram, a Swiss information management provider that uses Big Data to collect and analyze custosmers’ online interactions to ensure regulatory compliance and detect fraud.

Best Banking Software company: Pich, a startup which connects with the infrastructure of the banking sector to provide companies and developers with access to financial data.

European Fintech Awards and Conference 2016 public awards winners

Winners Public Awards 2016

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