Fintech News Network Celebrates Its 6th Birthday

Fintech News Network Celebrates Its 6th Birthday

by December 16, 2020

This year, the Fintech News Network celebrates its fifth birthday. Since starting out in 2015, the Fintech News Network has grown into a global network consisting of seven local hubs and 110 satellites for a combined community of 170K Facebook fans, 80K LinkedIn members, 150K Twitter followers, and 45K Meetup members among other social media channels.

The Fintech News Network currently operates seven publications that deliver timely, deep insights and the latest news on fintech and the future of banking: Fintech News Switzerland (soft launched end of 2014), Fintech News Singapore (2015), Fintech News Hong Kong (launched in 2016), Fintech News Middle East (launched in 2017), Fintech News Malaysia (launched in 2018), Fintech News Baltic (launched in 2018), and Fintech News Philippines (launched in 2020).

Fintech News Network Timelines, October 2020 Fintech News Network Founder and CEO Christian König started in the publishing business back in 2008 for and 2012 with his own blog on which he wrote about investment products and personal finance, later on he took out the Fintech content of it and started the first Fintech Switzerland newsletter which later became


How started in 2014

Prior to that, he was a public distribution manager for financial product providers in Switzerland and did fintech (Trading-IT) projects since 2005.

König has been involved in the Swiss fintech industry since 2010, and it was clear to him since then that technology would dramatically transform the banking, financial services and insurance sector. In 2014, upon the realisation that a comprehensive fintech news and resources portal with considerable scale was still missing, König decided to launch the Fintech News Network to fill the gap.

Today, the Fintech News Network is present in four continents, covering fintech news across 44 different countries and delivering key insights from fintech experts to a massive community of more than 400K members across all social media and satellite platforms combined.

In addition to that, the Fintech News Network team also produces fintech startup maps, infographics and reports on local markets in partnership with leading firms in the industry, trade groups and other market participants, to update the public on the industry’s latest developments.


Fintech News Network infographic, October 2020

Christian Konig Founder FNN

Christian König, FNN Founder

Commenting on what’s next for Fintech News Network, König said that the Middle East will be the major area of focus for the year to come.

“I plan to focus much more on the Middle East and I just moved to Dubai. Fintech in the Middle East feels like fintech in Singapore back in 2015. Also without travel restrictions, I would be interested in visiting Africa, and explore the African fintech market.”

König also wanted to thank his team:

“The Fintech News Network would not be here without our dedicated team working remotely from all over the world. They have been instrumental in ensuring the growth of the different publications. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their dedication”

No Celebration but Free Service for Our Fintech Community

As a gesture of our gratitude, we have listed all the Swiss Fintech Startups on our page: . This page is top listed on google when you look for Swiss Fintech Startups.

If there are any changes to be made to the logos or descriptions, kindly contact us with the updates.

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