The Swiss FinTech Awards 2017 Winners Are…

The Swiss FinTech Awards 2017 Winners Are…

by March 9, 2017

The purpose of the Swiss FinTech Awards is to promote regional development while helping create the strongest possible Swiss FinTech ecosystem underpinned by unprecedented international network links.

This network, made up of selected partner organisations and Fintech experts, will present the Swiss FinTech Awards to Swiss FinTech start-ups and influencers in the «Early Stage Start-up of the Year», «Growth Stage Start-up of the Year» and «Fintech Influencer of the Year» categories.

The «Early Stage Start-up of the Year» category consists of Swiss based Fintech start-ups set up less than two years ago or funded with less than CHF 2.5 million. Start-ups exceeding these limits are judged in the «Growth Stage Start-up of the Year» category.

The «Fintech Influencer of the Year» category was created for individuals or organisations who have positively shaped or influenced the Swiss Fintech scene. All start-ups were subject to a multi-tiered application process whereas the winner of the Influencer category was nominated directly by the jury.

The Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum acts as organiser of the Swiss FinTech Awards and their ecosystem which consists of knowledge partner Accenture, a jury of 22 designated FinTech experts and the four “sponsor banks” who provide the CHF 24,000 prize money.

The Swiss FinTech Awards Night, when the winners are announced, took place on 09.03.2017 following an extensive selection process. More than 70 applications were received, ten of which reached the Top-10 round to become the ten best rated FinTech companies.

All ten companies passed through the FinTech Boot Camp organised by our knowledge partner Accenture and given the opportunity to make a presentation to the assembled jury members and sponsor banks as part of a “speed dating session”.

Crowdhouse is the winner of the «Early Stage Start-up of the Year» category. Qumram is the winner of the «Growth Stage Start-up of the Year» category and Swiss Finance Startups have been selected as the «Fintech Influencer of the Year».

The 2017 Swiss FinTech Awards finalists and winners

Below is a list of the top ten, top four and the eventual winners of the 2017 Swiss FinTech Awards:

Fintech Awards 2917

About Crowdhouse (Winner «Early Stage Start-up of the Year»)

Crowdhouse is an investment platform developed to make direct investments in Swiss property simple and possible for everyone and securing the investor’s entry in the land register. The rate of return is generated from rental income and distributed quarterly. Every investor participates directly in the performance of the platform.

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About Qumram (Winner «Growth Stage Start-up of the Year»)

Qumram enables every digital interaction – web, social and mobile – to be recorded and replayed, in movie-like form, on demand. This 100% digital audit trail provides compliance with the record-keeping requirements of global regulations, including MIFID-II, FFSA, Fidleg and SEC. Qumram also facilitates fraud detection, monitors employees’ digital behaviour as well as interactions from external sources, and delivers deep customer insight for customer experience analytics.

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About Swiss Finance Startups (Winner «Fintech Influencer of the Year»)

Swiss Finance Startups (SFS) was founded in May 2014 in Zurich by a group of pioneers of the Swiss Fintech industry to create synergies, join forces and to drive innovation, inspiration and change in the world’s financial epicentre. SFS is a non-profit organisation run and organised by the ventures involved. The Swiss fintech scene has meanwhile grown to more than 180 start-ups. Under the umbrella of SFS they foster the common Swiss start-up spirit and are at the forefront of the digitisation of the financial industry.