The Swiss Fintech Startup Map Welcomes 5 Newcomers in November

The Swiss Fintech Startup Map Welcomes 5 Newcomers in November

by November 9, 2020

Swisscom has released the updated Swiss Fintech Startup Map for November 2020, welcoming five new Swiss startups for the month.

The Swisscom map which provides regular updates on the fintech landscape in the region now displays a grand total of 375 Swiss fintech startups.

For this month, the five new Swiss fintech startups that have made their way onto the map are VenturePole, Freya Savings, Kaspar&, finpension and inapay.


VenturePoleVenturePole is a venture investment platform and business intelligence company, on a mission to raise more money for female founders and founders of color.

Freya Savings

Freya SavingsFREYA Savings is a mobile app that delivers simple, personalized and straightforward savings plans for individual retirement accounts (Swiss 3a).


KasparundKaspar& is designed to provide seamless and comfortable access to professional financial services – starting with investing & saving.


finpensionfinpension is specialised in the management and investment of 2nd and 3rd pillar pension assets.


inapayinapay is a mobile app which lets you accept payments in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in your business.

Swiss Fintech Startup Map November 2020