The Top 10 Fintech Startups Are Revealed for the Swiss Fintech Awards 2021

The Top 10 Fintech Startups Are Revealed for the Swiss Fintech Awards 2021

by January 20, 2021

The Swiss Fintech Awards 2021 have revealed the top 10 start-ups of the year – 5 fintechs each in the awards’ early stage and growth stage category.

The purpose of the Swiss FinTech Awards is to promote Swiss fintech innovators and to contribute to the strong Swiss fintech ecosystem. The awards specifically recognize outstanding fintech startups and fintech influencers. The winners are chosen by a renowned jury consisting of 20 fintech experts. The grand finale and awards ceremony will take place during the Swiss FinTech Awards Night 2021 after the annual flagship fintech conference by Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum “FinTech 2021” on July 06 in Zurich.

The category “Early Stage Start-up of the Year” is for fintech start-ups which don’t have a product-market-fit yet. These could be start-ups which are currently working on a first demo, prototype or which are about to go-to-market with the first product or service. On the other hand, the “Growth Stage Start-up of the Year” awards start-ups which have a product-market-fit and are on a growth trajectory.

Swiss FinTech Awards 2021 Nominees:

Top 5 Early Stage Swiss Fintech Startup of the Year 


aisotAisot is advancing data to real-time signals and boosts data usability.


deepjudgeDeepJudge offers next-generation legal research services.


FQX AGFQX AG is a fintech start-up that enables the transfer of eNotes.


PlentitudeProviding low-carbon pension and savings services during a climate crisis.

Troc Circle

Troc CircleAccessible netting platform, that offsets receivables and payables.

Top 5 Growth Stage Fintech Startup of the Year 


DecentriqData Ecosystems made simple and safe.


PriceHubblePriceHubble enables better real estate decisions by using machine learning and big data.


Sygnum BankSygnum is the world’s first digital asset bank.


WealthArcEmpowering wealth managers to manage clients’ assets anywhere and anytime.

Yokoy Group AG

Yokoy Group AGSwiss AI & fintech putting companies’ expense on autopilot.