Meet the 10 Fintech Finalists for >>venture>>’s 2024 Startup Competition

Meet the 10 Fintech Finalists for >>venture>>’s 2024 Startup Competition

by April 24, 2024

The >>venture>> startup competition is a cornerstone event for supporting emerging startups in Switzerland, emphasising the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Introduced to the competition in 2019, the Finance & Insurance category reflects >>venture>>’s commitment to broadening its impact and supporting new ideas in various sectors.

Positioned as the premier platform in Switzerland for showcasing and developing groundbreaking business ideas and plans, >>venture>> plays a crucial role in empowering young entrepreneurs to transform their visions into reality. This effort is central to stimulating the exploration of untapped innovation.

10 Fintech Finalists for <<venture>>’s 2024 Startup Competition

Highlighting this commitment, the top 10 finalists for the 2024 >>venture>> startup competition in the Finance & Insurance category have now been announced.

These finalists represent the forefront of Swiss innovation and promise within the finance and insurance sectors, and they are listed here in alphabetical order:

CLIMADA Technologies


CLIMADA Technologies, specialising in climate risk analytics, has crafted a scalable software solution to provide advanced, forward-looking analysis for client-exposed locations. This comprehensive tool addresses acute and chronic hazards and caters to various needs, including regulatory reporting, detailed resilience assessments, and the investigation of suitable adaptation strategies.


CrowdTransfer has developed a platform that allows fans to support their favourite sports clubs by crowdfunding tokens associated with player transfers or existing team members. Token holders can enjoy social perks and earn rewards based on the player’s performance, with a potential payout when the contract ends. These tokens can also be exchanged on a secondary market among fans.

Decentralized Energy Corporation

Decentralized Energy Corporation (DEC) is launching a platform that enables businesses to buy precise fractions of photovoltaic plants. This allows them to meet sustainability regulations effortlessly, instantly, and passively by becoming producers of green energy.

Elysium Lab Sagl


Elysium Lab Sagl is developing a digital wallet emphasising asset management and payments. Their multi-factor Key Algorithm introduces a new approach to self-custody, significantly enhancing security measures for digital asset ownership.



venture finance & insurance finalists

Evorest is addressing the issue of inactive rental deposits in Switzerland, estimated at around 15 billion CHF, by enabling tenants to invest these funds in ETFs. This approach offers a potential return and a way to mitigate inflation. The platform’s intuitive web app simplifies the process for tenants and property managers, allowing them to open quickly and close deposits within 24 hours. This enhances efficiency and presents an alternative to traditional, complex bank processes.



Fortunnity is revolutionising personal finance management by offering an application that tracks your wealth and makes managing it fun and educational. The platform is committed to making wealth management accessible to everyone, turning personal finance into an engaging and informative experience.


venture finance & insurance finalists


Infrabase is set on narrowing the infrastructure investment gap and drawing foreign direct investments into regions needing infrastructure development. They are developing a SaaS syndication platform that uses advanced machine learning and AI to enhance the precision of its matching algorithm. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive clinic to prepare infrastructure projects for investment, aiming to catalyse growth in underdeveloped areas.


IngageMe! introduces a cutting-edge, incentive-based underwriting simulator that integrates AI, gamification, and Web3 technologies for the global insurance sector. It aims to enhance financial literacy while attracting, educating, and retaining talent through engaging gameplay, personalised AI coaching, and unique NFT rewards, setting a new standard in insurance training.

MC² Finance AG

venture finance & insurance finalists

MC² Finance AG merges blockchain technology and regulatory compliance to provide an automated platform for managing digital asset portfolios. Catering to the modern investor’s demand for intelligent, adaptable, and secure investment options, it features intent-based development, ensures on-chain transparency, and facilitates cross-chain operations, redefining digital asset management.

Moon AI

venture finance & insurance finalists

Moon AI arms venture capitalists with AI-powered tools that refine investment strategies enabling them to pinpoint and invest in startups with substantial growth potential more accurately. By evaluating a company’s financial health, market potential, and competitive position, Moon AI empowers investors to make data-driven decisions, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of venture capital initiatives.

What it means to be a finalist

The climax of the Finance & Insurance category at the >>venture>> startup competition will see finalists pitching their groundbreaking ideas to an expert panel tasked with crowning the sector’s standout. The three winning teams will be awarded CHF 80,000 in total and advance to the competition’s grand finale, setting the stage for an even greater challenge.

At the finale, the top finalist from each sector will contend for the top honour, the Grand Prize, with the chance to secure up to CHF 150,000 and the prestigious opportunity to present their vision to the >>venture>> Advisory Board.

This stage of the competition is not just about the prize; it’s a gateway to unparalleled exposure and support within the dynamic Swiss startup ecosystem.

The >>venture>> finance & insurance finalists bring innovative solutions with the power to redefine the industry. As anticipation builds, the startup community and beyond are eager to see which team will rise to the top.

Mark your calendars for the Award Ceremony on June 17, 2024. This event is open to all and free of charge, promising a glimpse into the future of finance and insurance innovation. For more info about this event, visit and subscribe to their newsletter.

Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik