The First Venture Funding Map in Switzerland

The First Venture Funding Map in Switzerland

by September 23, 2020

The Bern based FundTech startup Leva today published Switzerland’s first “Venture Funding Map”.

The map showcases 123 investors and business angel organizations that have offices in Switzerland. It is noticeable that 68 of the 85 venture capital firms are early stage investors, but there are only a few that have the financial means to lead follow-on and growth rounds.

Switzerland has a high density of established corporates which actively invest in startups. Corporate venture capital investments contribute significantly to the growth of the Swiss startup scene. The Venture Funding Map includes over 20 corporate venture capital funds which actively invest in innovative Swiss startups.

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To create the first Swiss Venture Funding Map, Leva analyzed over 250 venture capital investors based in Switzerland. 123 of the most active investors have been selected for the map. Family offices and investor clubs of private banks were not taken into account.

Cosimo Donati

Cosimo Donati

Cosimo Donati (CEO and founder of Leva) describes the motivation behind the Swiss Venture Funding Map as follows:

“There are various startup maps of the Swiss startup community, but none that represent the investor scene. We created the “Swiss Venture Funding Map” to help startups find the right investors faster.”



Swiss Venture Funding Map 2020

Swiss Venture Funding Map