Baloise Partners with US Plug and Play Startup Accelerator

Baloise Partners with US Plug and Play Startup Accelerator

by September 16, 2019

Baloise is entering into a partnership with Plug and Play, a California-based business accelerator.

This will expand its portfolio of strategic partnerships focused on innovation, adding to its existing collaborations with the Swiss Fintech Accelerator and Incubator F10 in Zurich. Baloise is thereby doing its utmost to meet the growing needs of the entire Group in all relevant strategic development fields. Plug and Play runs a global innovation platform featuring a large number of startups that specialise in Baloise’s target segments.

Many of these startups’ activities mesh with Baloise’s ecosystems of ‘Home’ and ‘Mobility’. This collaboration gives Baloise access to a global innovation platform based in the tech hub of Silicon Valley. Above all, it will enable Baloise to build promising relationships with non-insurance startups, learn from other sectors and target specific interest groups. Moreover, Plug and Play has a large network of corporate partners that are in close and constant contact with one another.

Sibylle Fischer

Sibylle Fischer

“We are delighted about our new partnership with Plug and Play, which will help us to expand our ecosystem network. Plug and Play is offering us the chance to connect with new partners that are outside our core insurance business,”

says Sibylle Fischer, Manager of Strategic Venturing & Startup Scouting at Baloise.




Featured image credit: Baloise Linkedin

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