Sanitas Becomes First Swiss Health Insurer in the Metaverse

Sanitas Becomes First Swiss Health Insurer in the Metaverse

by September 20, 2023

Health insurer Sanitas is launching an interactive Experience Space in the metaverse that enables visitors to experience the healthcare partner and learn about its products and services in a virtual realm.

With its presence in the metaverse, Sanitas has become the first health insurer in Switzerland to open its doors to interested users and allow them to experience the company and its products and services interactively. Topics that affect us all – health insurance, healthcare and well-being – will be brought into focus, with the emphasis on ensuring a playful, easy-to-understand approach.

The aim is to provide a tangible experience. Visitors will learn more about the different areas of activity, innovative services and products of Sanitas. Alva, the digital assistant who’s accompanied Sanitas users for many years, will welcome interested visitors into the metaverse and guide them around. On the ground floor, for example, an animated tree illustrates how much paper is saved annually through digital communication in the Sanitas Portal. Brainpower is called for in the area of nutrition, where the right foods have to be assigned to an oversized Swiss food pyramid. On the upper floor, meanwhile, avatars demonstrate easy-to-follow fitness exercises. In the outdoor meditation area, users can leave everyday stresses behind and experience pure relaxation.

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The Experience Space was conceived together with Kuble, one of Switzerland’s leading digital, metaverse and web3 agencies, and given an innovative and futuristic design using Importance was placed on creating a consistent brand experience and expressing harmony with nature.

The Sanitas metaverse is open to all and available to enter now using VR glasses, desktop computer or mobile app. Currently, the Experience Space serves as a virtual home base for users to familiarise themselves with virtual reality and its underlying technology. In future, however, it will be possible to hold events or consultations in the Sanitas metaverse.

Andreas Schönenberger sanitas

Andreas Schönenberger

“We’re very happy about our successful presence in the metaverse and, of course, we hope visitors are as happy with it as we are. The Experience Space proves once again that we, as an innovative healthcare partner, are boldly pioneering new solutions for our customers,”

says Sanitas CEO Dr Andreas Schönenberger.



Featured image credit: edited from freepik