PostFinance Launches Digital Mortgage Brokerage Platform Valuu

PostFinance Launches Digital Mortgage Brokerage Platform Valuu

by January 24, 2019

With the Valuu app, PostFinance has launched the first fully digital mortgage brokerage platform. It provides users with easy, fast access to a suitable mortgage from various providers, regardless of time or location – whether it be a new purchase or replacement. The app is now available in German for iOS and Android.

With Valuu, PostFinance has brought a brokerage, comparison and conclusion platform for mortgage holders and lenders onto the market. Using the app is child’s play: as a first step, users enter the details of the desired property for the conclusion or replacement of a mortgage. They can check their financial options, receive suitable offers from lenders such as banks, pension funds and insurance companies, and then apply for a loan.

Up until the conclusion of the contract with the lender, users can go through all the steps independently and conveniently in the app without a consultation appointment. This makes Valuu the first platform which enables the entire process end-to-end, including the option of taking out mortgages online. At every step in the app, users have the option of calling the Valuu competence center for technical assistance or specialist information.

Independent platform

Valuu is an independent brand and has also been registered as such. It has a fresh and dynamic appearance and is aligned with the familiar PostFinance brand identity. Any interested mortgage seekers can use the Valuu app regardless of whether they are a PostFinance customer or not. To ensure its
independence as the platform operator, Valuu does not broker any mortgages from PostFinance.

Diversification of income structure

The current negative interest rate environment and ongoing digitization are influencing PostFinance’s traditional business model. This is why PostFinance is focusing its strategy more heavily on digitization, promoting innovation and transforming itself from a traditional financial service provider into a digital
powerhouse. PostFinance is tapping new, interest-free sources of income by strengthening its existing core business and building up additional business. The launching of Valuu is an important part of this strategy.

Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik