Iuvo, an Estonian Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform, Reaches €10M in Investments

Iuvo, an Estonian Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform, Reaches €10M in Investments

by March 28, 2018

iuvoThe Estonian peer-to-peer lending platform iuvo reached a significant milestone – over 10M EUR invested by investors from more than 80 countries from around the world.

For the last year and a half, the platform is growing steadily with an average monthly growth rate of 34% of the invested funds.

The statistics show that the interest in the peer-to-peer lending industry is growing at a rapid pace across Europe. The most interest iuvo indicates from countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, and Austria, which means that the industry is getting more and more pan-European and we hope to see more investors across Europe to join the peer-to-peer lending hype.

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ECNAt the beginning of March, iuvo became part of European Crowdfunding Network. Iuvo stands and works very hard to establish a transparent and trustworthy marketplace, providing the best investing service possible.

We are honored to be part of ECN, and we believe that the partnership will help us achieve our goals to help investors across Europe to have more control over their finances and gain high returns from their savings. ECN stands for promoting crowdfunding as a viable offering of job creation, social innovation and boost to entrepreneurship to the European public, policymakers and stakeholders.

The team behind iuvo expects 2018 to be an essential year for the company with many new features and offerings to the clients. The primary goal of the company is to diversify the loan portfolio by adding new loan originators and new loan products to the marketplace. Also, in the pipeline for the year stand numerous improvements and new features that aim to make the customer experience on the platform as effortless and pleasant as possible.

We are carefully selecting the base of our business offering. Each loan originator that we partner with goes through thorough checks and monitoring before being allowed on the platform. From our perspective, it’s extremely important to properly manage the transparency and risk exposure of our investors.

Ivaylo Ivanov

Ivaylo Ivanov

“We are also developing our user interface and customer support to answer to the specific needs of the different markets we operate in.

All in all, iuvo is growing strongly with double-digit percentages each month, and we are working to keep this trend going.Our clients can expect to see new investment opportunities soon.

Both short and long-term ones. We are also working on many user experience improvements that will make the marketplace more comfortable to use both manually and through the auto-invest features.

New functions and exciting partnerships are also coming later in the year. Such that can potentially launch our company even further to the top of the peer-to-peer lending business area, but I can’t say more at this point.”,

comments Ivaylo Ivanov, CEO of the company.

Along with the new loan originators and market features, iuvo is aiming to attract more and more investors not only from Europe but from around the world, creating a truly international market place and creating profit opportunities for investors all across the globe. For 2018 South East Asia is where the company will focus more marketing and business efforts to attract local investors.