Fidesmo Launches Wearable Payments Service in Switzerland With Cembra

Fidesmo Launches Wearable Payments Service in Switzerland With Cembra

by March 3, 2021

Swedish tech company Fidesmo is expanding its wearable payments service to Switzerland through a collaboration with Cembra, a Swiss provider of consumer finance products.

This allows for customers with payment cards issued by Cembra to connect with wearables that support Fidesmo Pay to make contactless payments.

Wearables with support for Fidesmo Pay are provided by several fashion brands and are sold online and in-store.

Customers can choose from a variety of wearables including watch straps, bracelets, keyrings and more.

The payment card can be easily and securely connected online when ordering the wearable and activated for payments through the Fidesmo app once the purchase has gone through.

Fidesmo reported that Swiss wearable partners have already agreed to collaborate with it and will launch their smart products in near future.

As of end 2020, Cembra has 1,030,000 credit cards in the Swiss market.

Ulrich Dreefs, Head of Sales, Fidesmo

Ulrich Dreefs

“Fidesmo is on the growth path and is starting in more and more countries, with innovative banks and service providers.


We are very pleased that we could win Cembra to take our first steps with issuers in Switzerland and look forward to our further cooperation. It is especially important to me to emphasize great personal cooperation,”

says Ulrich Dreefs, Head of Sales, Fidesmo.


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