eWise Offers A Transaction Categorisation API

eWise Offers A Transaction Categorisation API

by September 28, 2016

eWise, has launched its new financial transaction Categorisation-as-a-Service API (CaaS) for Financial Institutions and Fintechs.

Through crowd-sourced data augmented with artificial intelligence, Caas enables customers and end-users to utilise personal financial management and behaviour analytics tools to manage spending patterns and savings goals.




The platform processes all of a user’s historical transactions from their bank, credit card provider, brokerage firm, pension, utility provider or loyalty programme.

CaaS is a stand-alone API product, characterised by ‘assisted categorisation.’ It enables consumers to manage all facets of their categorisation lifecycle; maximising categorisation accuracy and user adoption while minimising user input.

CaaS is multi-tenanted and is secured to provide access to eWise’s B2B customers in defined geographic zones to benefit from global knowledge as well as local sensitivity.


Dean YoungDean Young, Head of Product Management at eWise said:

“This is a scalable big-data approach to categorisation. Our self-learning platform is responsive to local nuances, and regardless of the language in which the data is processed, our API will understand it. We built CaaS to address shortcomings in the market. Typical auto-categorisation solutions are far from 100% accurate so we built ‘assisted categorisation’ at the heart of CaaS. This enables a much higher standard of categorisation using the intersection of auto categorisation, the eWise Truth API, and optimised consumer transaction preferences.”


eWise’s Data Science team designed CaaS based on a data structure and algorithm that defines the interrelationship among data elements and augments transactional data to analyse customer behaviour to detect spending patterns and trends.

The data structure allows eWise to extract consensus and manage a global service that facilitates highly accurate auto-categorisation no matter the geographic region or language.

“Financial services and Fintech firms have begun to tap the economic and engagement value of enriched data, at eWise we created a rich categorisation architecture that is easily and quickly implemented through our API.

“CaaS helps companies tag, source and standardise data, while, creating a structure based on their clients’ needs,” said David Hamilton, CEO at eWise. “With CaaS, our customers will be able to expand their capabilities in translating the value of users’ transactional data in building tools to create a real impact on managing their finances.”

The CaaS API is a full stack Data Product; involving data augmentation and management of users’ preferences, and is a fully secure and permissioned service. It is integrated into eWise’s Money Manager SaaS offering or available as a stand-alone service for developers to plug Categorisation functionality directly into their financial services solution.


Featured Image: From eWise