myPOS: Forefront of Seamless, Secure and Affordable Payments

myPOS: Forefront of Seamless, Secure and Affordable Payments

by August 23, 2017

myPOS Benelux Business Development Manager, Mr. Anthony Notos, will be attending the NPF & Regtech Leaders Forum 2017, to share his insight and experience on the changing consumer preference at Point of Sale (POS). myPOS is one of the pioneers in the payments industry, and one of the first to offer ultra-portable and mobile POS terminals with tailor-made software for Micro and Nano business owners as well as medium sized enterprises.

At the forum, Mr. Notos will point out the crucial points business owners must focus on to meet the needs of the 21st century customer.

Growing Expectations of POS Solutions

One of the hot discussion topics is how digitization has impacted the modern retailer and merchant and more specifically given rise to the “tech savvy” consumer. Initially, digitization has pushed retailers, merchants and other organizations away from the physical store and towards the creation of the online shop, increasing the scope and potential reach of each enterprise. Now innovative technology and changing regulation are pushing for a more seamless and secure customer experience at the point of sale.

Startup Competition venture

As Mr. Notos detailed, myPOS is an innovative payments solution for accepting cashless transactions at the counter, online, or on the go. It comes as an affordable ready-to-use package consisting of a POS terminal, free merchant account, free data card providing internet access across the EEA, and a free prepaid business Mastercard or Visa card for easy access to funds. Efficient and reliable, the myPOS service does not require a bank account to operate.

Unlike any other solution on the market, all accepted funds on a myPOS terminal device get instantly settled into the merchant’s myPOS Account. This all-inclusive package offer removes a lot of the complexities and added expenses faced by a merchant looking for a POS solution, such as:

  • Lengthy Application Process
  • Binding contracts
  • Monthly/Annual maintenance or rental fees
  • Complex authentication processes
  • Inability to access accepted funds for a lengthy period

It also allows merchants to seamlessly integrate with Online Shopping Carts. Retailers, freelancers, or self-employed entrepreneurs can easily monetize webpages and mobile apps with the easy myPOS checkout integrations and PayButtons. Handling card-not-present, payments is just as easy thanks to the Virtual Terminal which turns the phone or the browser into a secure payment gateway.

Efficiency is The Key To Satisfying The “Tech Savvy” Consumer

By channeling all cashless payments into a single powerful and completely free merchant account, myPOS allows merchants to drastically reduce banking and card processing expenses, thus creating a seamless transaction journey. Also, with the added features of ultra-portable and mobile POS terminals that are fully PCI PTS compliant, it is a perfect payment solution for all types of businesses or private service providers.

“Simplifying the payment process at the POS and accepting any payment method that a tech savvy customer may require (mobile, wireless visa, bracelet, e-wallet and so on) allows retail, restaurant and bar, taxi and transportation, leisure and recreation business owners as well as professional service providers and many more, to create a nurturing business environment of growth and success,” Mr. Notos said.

Solutions as mentioned by Mr. Notos are crucial for establishing sound financial decisions that not only guarantee easier internal processes but create competitive advantages as well.

Such insights will be shared by senior executives from renowned organizations such as the EU Commission, European Payments Council, ECB, Mastercard, KPMG, Raphaels Bank, Zalando, myPOS and many more, in Brussels from the 6-7 of September at the NPF & Regtech Leaders Forum 2017.

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