New Weathtech Book: Wealth and Asset Management in the Fintech Age

New Weathtech Book: Wealth and Asset Management in the Fintech Age

by November 14, 2019

A new phenomenon has emerged: WealthTech. Being a younger sibling of the Fintech family this topic is about to change the way we think about wealth and asset management and how we deploy technology in order to improve it.

As only very little literature exists on this topic 35 experts from academia and practice have gathered in a truly global fashion to share their views on WealthTech in this newly released book: “WeathTech: Wealth and Asset Management in the FinTech Age”, edited by Professor Patrick Schueffel of HEG, School of Management Fribourg.

In one volume scholars and business experts spanning four continents have noted down their opinions on WealthTech and how it will shape the future of Wealth and Asset Management.

This book sheds light on Wealthtech from various angles, tackling a plethora of topics such as the factors fueling the Wealthtech growth, the technologies underpinning it, the reaction of regulators to this novel trend and the way forward for incumbent players etc.

As the digital transformation will seriously affect the wealth and asset management industry, this volume seeks to equip the reader with an overview of the latest developments in the field of WealthTech, its influence on wealth management business models, but also on the opportunities it yields to the companies in the field of wealth and asset management. A true learning opportunity for practitioners and academics alike.

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