UBS Key4 Starts Offering Digital Investing for Kids

UBS Key4 Starts Offering Digital Investing for Kids

by December 13, 2023

With the digital investment solution UBS key4 smart investing, adult clients can now digitally open investment accounts as a gift for children and invest directly in selected funds – simply via their smartphone.

UBS key4 smart investing is ideal for parents, grandparents, godparents and anyone who wants to save for a child and is an attractive alternative to the classic UBS youth savings account. Children in particular benefit from a long investment horizon.

From a minimum amount of 50 Swiss francs, it is possible to invest regularly in selected funds with a standing order or with individual payments. A wide selection of more than 20 actively and passively managed funds is available, many of which are sustainably oriented. With the personal investor profile, clients receive an investment proposal that they can adapt to their needs. This consists of broad-based UBS strategy funds or thematic funds with a focus on topics such as digitalization or megatrends. Clients can manage their investments independently and around the clock in the app.

A UBS youth savings account can now be opened completely digitally as a gift savings account with or without the digital gift investment solution. The opening process only takes a few minutes and by eliminating the need for paper documents, our clients save a lot of time.

Sabine Magri, COO UBS Switzerland AG

Sabine Magri

Sabine Magri, COO UBS Switzerland:

“By the end of the year, more than 200 000 clients will be using at least one UBS key4 product. The new gift investment account is the next step in the continuous expansion of our digital offering, which will enable us to respond even better to the ever-changing needs of our clients.”



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