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Fintech Switzerland Startup of The Month: Veezoo, Data Exploration And Visualization

Zurich-based Veezoo is one of the startups that are being incubated by SIX’s Fintech Incubator F10. The company has developed a platform that allows users to research, explore and visualize data, with an aim to “make complex information easy to

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10 Disruptive Innovations

Smart Box, Big Data, robotics and contextual commerce are some of the newest concepts that could potentially disrupt the marketplace, according to a new report by Citi. In a paper titled ‘Disruptive Innovations IV,’ Citi’s global research team analyzes ten

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German Stock Market Operator Releases Paper On How Fintech Will Reshape Capital Markets

Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Big Data will transform capital markets, according to German stock market operator Deutsche Boerse. It urges established financial infrastructure players to start approaching fintech firms and consider partnering with these innovative ventures. In

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