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Bain & Co: Banks are Losing Customers to Fintech and Tech Giants

Traditional banks are losing customers to nonbank competitors because they still lag the digital experience offered by leading fintechs, established specialist companies and major technology companies. In order to stay in the game, retail banks must improve their digital channels’

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How Companies Are Becoming Banks Through Digitalization

Digitization is changing the world at least as much as the industrial revolution did. All areas of life, society and work are affected by the digital change. Even the financial sector is feeling these changes. The traditional financial structures are

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Die 30 Wichtigsten Digitalen Köpfe der Schweiz

In der heutigen Spezial-Digital-Ausgabe der Handelszeitung werden die 30 wichtigsten Köpfe, welche die digitale Revolution in der Schweiz prägen, portraitiert. Darunter befinden sich auch Fintech und Bankenexperten. Konkret sind dies Oliver Bussmann (UBS), Marco Abele (CS), Christina Kehl (Knip), Johannes Gees (Weimakeit),

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