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Wealthtech Spending to Reach US$24B Annually by 2023

With COVID-19 accelerating digital transformation, wealth managers are expected to increase tech spending to reach approximately US$24 billion annually by 2023, according to a new research by Celent, the tech advisory arm of Oliver Wyman. By the end of 2020,

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3 Trends Driving Switzerland’s Wealthtech Industry

Fintech companies are penetrating nearly every financial services segment, driving both innovation and disruption. Subsegment focus areas of fintech include digital payments (paytech), fully-digital insurance (insurtech), banking (banktech), wealth management services (wealthtech), and the creation of marketplaces for selling financial

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The Role Of The New Advisor In The Digital Financial World

Robo-advisors, wealth management algorithms typically offered at low costs and with little human interaction, are gaining stream. Globally, wealth managers were responsible for US$74 trillion in assets under management (AUM) in 2014. BI Intelligence predicts that robo-advisors will manage around

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