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SWIFT and Capgemini Successfully Interlink CBDCs for Cross-Border Payments

SWIFT and Capgemini have achieved CBDC-to-CBDC transactions between different distributed ledger technology networks based on Quorum and Corda technologies, as well as fiat-to-CBDC flows between these networks and a real-time gross settlement system. The experiment showed that the blockchain networks

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SETL Hires Former SWIFT and Ripple Exec as Head of Payments

SETL, a London-based settlement and payments infrastructure provider, announced the appointment of Marjan Delatinne to its executive management team as the Head of Payments. Marjan will have the overall responsibility for growing SETL’s payments business, alongside its market infrastructure and

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SETL, Deloitte and Metro Bank Put Sterling Onto The Blockchain For Consumer Payments

SETL, Deloitte and Metro Bank completed a series of firsts this week in London.  SETL provided a contactless smartcard enabled blockchain allowing digitised payments, Deloitte exercised its blockchain ID system known as Smart Identity and Metro Bank hosted a connected

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