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What is Suptech? An Overview of this Rapidly Growing Space

In the same way technology is changing the financial services industry, technology is also changing how the industry and supervisory authorities implement and enforce regulations. Today, an increasing number of supervisory authorities are turning to technology to support their work,

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Fintech Infographic of the Week: The World of Regtech

Regulatory technology, or regtech, is an emerging field within the fintech industry that utilizes information technology to enhance and streamline regulatory processes. The main functions of regtech are regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance, with companies in the space using technologies

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Regtech 2.0 Enters New Growth Phase As Sector Moves From Niche To Mainstream

Regtech is entering a new phase of development and adoption as the sector evolves from niche to mainstream, according to new study by Burnmark and Alvarez & Marsal. The report, titled Regtech 2.0, focuses on the emerging trends in regtech

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