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Europe Leads in Climate Fintech Driven by Supportive Policies, Government Initiatives

Europe is rising to leadership in the field of climate fintech, a position evidenced by the region’s large community of startups leveraging technology to address both sustainability and finance needs. This rise has been driven by a supportive policy context and

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Climate Fintech Catches On with Rising Funding Activity

Climate fintech, a sector comprising digital innovations, applications and platforms that help tackle climate change, is rapidly taking off. Over the past year, at least 16 climate fintech companies have raised rounds, data from Crunchbase show, and now, one of

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An Overview of the Swiss Green Fintech Sector

Riding on the rise of sustainable finance, a new wave of climate-focused fintechs are emerging in Switzerland to provide customers with environmentally-friendly digital financial services and investment opportunities. Thomas Ankenbrand and Marc Grau from the Institute of Financial Services Zug

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