Revolution in Freelancing Job market powered by Blockchain

Revolution in Freelancing Job market powered by Blockchain

by August 18, 2017

A professional group of Austrian programmers and entrepreneurs has launched an attempt at changing the way the job market works on the Internet. Their solution’s name for the problem: Blocklancer – the first Decentralized Autonomous Job Market.

The Blockchain technology has already taken over many parts of today’s financial world and has entangled the minds of many people around the globe. But in order to establish acceptance among the general public, it is in desperate need for a real-world application.

This is where a new Austrian start-up plans to take the steering wheel into their hands. Blocklancer is an attempt to change the current freelancing and online job market ways by utilizing the Blockchain as its foundation and using the advantages this lends for solving the underlying problems of freelancing.

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The Benefits of Collectiveness

By using the Blockchain, every entry to the platform will be visible to every participant, and these entries are completely immune to manipulation. Not even the owner of Blocklancer could change the entries in their favor and at the cost of somebody else.

This aspect of the Blockchain is used in order to create trust, on the one hand for the site itself, and on the other hand between clients and freelancers.

But Blocklancer also introduces an innovative and ingenious way of settling disputes. Clients and freelancers can bring forth their disagreements to the token holder tribunal, which – as the name suggests – consists of all the token holders of the platform. This tribunal then decides which of the two parties is right.

This procedure circumvents the need for an in-transparent, single authority figure, which – in theory – could make decisions based on their own personal desires.

Furthermore, the tribunal is authorized to make changes to the platform itself, e. g. the height of the fees – which are, by the way, distributed among the token holders.

As you can see, the platform is not run by a single company, but by the collective of the token holders.

And the aforementioned points are only scratching the surface of what is to come when Blocklancer has its release.

Sparking the Revolution

But when does this project start? At which date is it launched?

The ICO for Blocklancer starts on the 5th August and lasts for one month, until the 5th September. Anybody can invest into this project; a total of 1,000,000,000 Lancer Tokens (LNC) are sold during the ICO at maximum, and for every 10,000,000 LNC sold the price will rise. On top of that, during the first day of the ICO LNCs are sold at a reduced price.

All in all, it is to note that this project is surely an innovative way of using the Blockchain to solve a real-world issue, and hopefully this act of applying these technologies to real problems will catch onto the crypto-community.