Vontobel Now Offers Financial Intermediaries – ‘Digital Asset Vault’

Vontobel Now Offers Financial Intermediaries – ‘Digital Asset Vault’

by January 14, 2019

Through a simple connection, wealth managers in Switzerland, banks and asset managers can now provide their clients with an end-to-end service offering for digital assets with Vontobel’s new solution ‘Digital Asset Vault’.

As a result, clients can issue instructions for the purchase, custody and transfer of digital assets easily and securely within the banking infrastructure – like with traditional asset classes.

Financial intermediaries are increasingly seeking to supply digital products and services for their clients. Until now, no traditional custodian in the market offered a solution that met the security standards required by financial intermediaries for the custody of digital assets and provided end-to-end services.

Vontobel has now combined its proven experience in the custody of digital products with a solution that is based on Hardware Security Mode (HSM) technology and is integrated into its own banking infrastructure. With the new business solution ‘Digital Asset Vault’, Vontobel is therefore the first bank in the world to offer the usual industry standards of quality within the established and regulated environment.

Through a simple connection to Vontobel, financial intermediaries such as wealth managers in Switzerland, banks and asset managers can  – without any significant investment in their own infrastructure – offer their clients an integrated solution for digital assets:

  • Digital Asset Vault is an alternative for personally registering with providers of digital assets and the custody of the same. The holding of private keys is no longer required.
  • Clients can buy, sell or transfer digital assets by issuing instructions to their regular bank, with global and best execution.
  • A consolidated overview of traditional and digital assets and asset classes is included in the client’s statement of assets, thus providing a clearer list for tax purposes.

“Digital Asset Vault represents the logical next step in the development of our range of services for digital assets. With our innovative strength and experience, we have thus closed the gap between existing and digital assets. By incorporating digital assets into our own banking infrastructure, we have also become the first provider to already meet the high standards required by financial intermediaries and their regulators,”

stated Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking.



Featured image credit: Freepik