10 Innovative Fintech Startups From Switzerland (which I could name in 1minute)

10 Innovative Fintech Startups From Switzerland (which I could name in 1minute)

by November 7, 2017

Switzerland’s fintech scene continues to grow with over 210 startups covering varied areas from cryptocurrency, blockchain, to insurance, payments and investing. Several of these have already began expanding to other market and gaining traction from international investors.

Some weeks ago i was asked by phone from the Swiss magazine Bilanz which Swiss Fintech Startup stand out. The first 10 Fintechs which came out of my mouth I am listing here.

Furthermore I will no nominate now 6 Influencer to name also 5 Swiss Fintech Startups they like:  Guys please send me your picks, just the name and a short reason why you selected them, we will publish this then here. Do not think longer then 1 minute please.

-Spiros Margeris
-Urs Bolt
-Rino Borini
-Andreas Staub
-Marc Lussy
-Marc Bernegger


Christian König’s Swiss Fintech Startup Selection:


Advanon is an authorized financial intermediary that provides an online platform on which companies can receive liquidity from external investors on the basis of their accounts receivable invoices.

The invoice financing platform provides a simple and flexible way for businesses to get invoices financed by numerous investors. It is available in Switzerland and Germany.



qumramQumram is a regtech startup providing digital compliance and risk management solutions.

Qumram offers a compliant digital audit trail, recording every digital interaction (web, social, mobile) to ensure compliance, prevent fraud and enrich customer service.

The big data platform provides digital businesses with compliant cross-channel recording, e-discovery, and user experience intelligence.



lykkeLykke is building a global marketplace to allow users to trade all classes of financial instruments issued in the form of Colored Coins, a technology that allows to associate real world assets with addresses on the Bitcoin network.

By leveraging blockchain, Lykke provides users direct ownership and immediate settlement. The exchange doesn’t charge any commission fee.



monitoMonito, formerly TawiPay, is a free comparison website for international money transfer services operated by Global Impact Finance.

The platform compares and reviews more than 450 money transfer operators to help users find the best option for each international transaction.

Monito has a commission-based business model. It earns money every time a user sends money with one of its partners.


Accounto Technology

accountoAccounto Technology provides an automated accounting platform that leverages machine learning, self-recognition and advanced accounting processes.

The company provides an online platform that enables organizations to automate all accounting services such as invoice creation, bill payments, salary record keeping, financial statement generation and tax return filing.


Amnis Treasury Services

Amnis TreasuryAmnis Treasury Services specializes in international payments and treasury services, currency exchange, risk management and related advice for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The company operates a peer-to-peer foreign exchange marketplace that allows SMEs to settle foreign exchange transactions on the same terms as large firms, while providing fully transparency on its fees.



Splendit is Switzerland’s first Internet platform for student loans. The platform connects students and private investors based on a serviced crowdfunding concept.

It provides access for students to a quick and fair source of financing their education, while opening up a new market for private investors to make sustainable investments, away from the traditional capital markets and banks.

During the lifetime of a loan, Splendit charges the student a monthly platform fee of CHF 10 that it invoices quarterly.



Globcoin develops and distributes currency conversion products and solutions to users. The company provides a multi-currency card that allows users to pay, transfer and withdraw in multiple currencies without any fee. It is especially designed for global nomads, expatriates and travelers.

Globcoin lets users store money in up to six currency wallets: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, and PLN, with more currencies coming in the future. Users can spend their funds in over 90 currencies and convert their money between these currencies inexpensively.



b-sharpeb-Sharpe is a financial intermediary regulated by the OAR-G that provides currency conversion and international payment services. b-Sharpe aims to offer a cheaper alternative to the services offered by banks.

b-Sharpe has developed a fully automated and integrated platform that allows the same manager to manage operations from start to finish. This allows the company to provide services that are up to 10 times cheaper than a traditional bank.



Loanboox is a money and capital market platform for public-sector borrowers such as cantons, and municipalities, and institutional investors.

The peer-to-peer financing platform offers registered users of the platform a market in which borrowers can find suitable investors, and investors can find suitable borrowers.

Loanboox does not charge any fee for using the platform. If financing is arranged, Loanboxx charges the borrower 0.01% per maturity year of the funding through the platform. The transactions are free of charge for investors.