Cyber security for FinTech: Central Security Baseline for Multi-Clouds and DevOps

Cyber security for FinTech: Central Security Baseline for Multi-Clouds and DevOps

by December 11, 2018

Fintech is a digital native business and most of them have chosen to adopt the cloud with great success to win more banking customers.

Regulations such as the EU GDPR and financial market compliance requirements are becoming more and more restricting. Moving applications and services into cloud means also having applications in a multi-cloud or even hybrid environment.

This requires a solution that allows you to enforce and monitor a centralized security baseline – across all applications over whatever cloud-infrastructure they are operated.  Until recently, such a solution was missing on the market. The USP Secure Entry Server allows effective protection against cybersecurity threats – even in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Cybersecurity centrally managed in distributed application landscapes

With the USP Secure Entry Server now any number of Web Application Firewall instances can be run – in container form, on-premises or in the cloud. United Security Providers solution uniquely provides a centralized management solution that allows to verify and implement compliance requirements in DevOps and hybrid environments.

IT management and IT security have central control over the security of their web applications thanks to the security dashboard, comprehensive monitoring and reporting options and automated policy enforcement. This makes things far easier, particularly in hybrid and dynamically orchestrated container environments. The solution will also support to connect existing SIEM tools such as Splunk or ArcSight.

The way is clear for the hybrid multi-cloud environment

A service-oriented solution for integrated web access management that can uniformly meet compliance requirements even in DevOps and hybrid multi-cloud environments is something new.

Michael Liebi

Michael Liebi

“This solution approach is a real innovation. As far as we know, United Security Providers is the first company in the world to offer decentralised, containerised WAFs and Access Management with simultaneous monitoring, steering and control,”

says Michael Liebi, CEO of United Security Providers.



Innovative approach for DevOps environments

With the container-based version, United Security Providers is addressing an unresolved pain point of many innovative companies grappling with containerisation and security. According to Michael Liebi,

“The USP solution approach is proving to be a concept with enormous potential, and meets the growing need for flexibility, agility and security in equal measure.”


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