Swiss Fintech Startup Map, April 2018, 10 new Swiss Fintech Startups

Swiss Fintech Startup Map, April 2018, 10 new Swiss Fintech Startups

by April 9, 2018

Swisscom released the Swiss Fintech Startup Map for April 2018 which now counts 224 Swiss Fintech Startups. 10 new Swiss Fintech Startups are in the map:

Swiss Fintech Map-April 2018


Startup Competition venture

Here are 10 new Swiss Fintech Startups entries:

Imburse AG

Imburse AGIMburse has built an elegant transaction platform that allows any company to collect AND pay out money in ANY market, ANY currency and through ANY payment technology. Our main industry partners are form insurance, banking, rewards, loyalty, gaming and e-commerce.



BACE Exchange

BACE ExchangeBACE provides a fiat market and the simplest and most direct access to the best digital currency pairs available on the market.




CCBA – CryptoCurrency & Blockchain Assets AG


Access to Digital Assets. We focus on your digital assets, you do not even need any wallet. Wealth Management incl. risk monitoring, wallet storage, constant & active rebalancing, access to non-public tokens.



Digital Identity

digitalidentityDigital Identity SA is a swiss company with headquarters in Chiasso in Ticino, in southern Switzerland. In the recent year the rise of blockchain technology opened new opportunities in many sectors, including Fintech and Crypto currencies. Digital Identity has interests in companies that are developing leading crypto coin wallets, decentralized exchanges, consulting companies and other investments.




Feathercoin is a global payment network & cryptocurrency independent of any central bank or institution. We are open source.






Pintail aim to provide affordable, highly secure and convenient mobile financial services.




Procivis AG

procivisPROCIVIS is a Swiss based start-up offering digital identity solutions and e-government applications and services. Founded in October 2016 by a team of experts in blockchain technology, e-government infrastructure, investment banking as well as by influential academicians, the company aims to spearhead the transition to e-governance in Switzerland and abroad.



tendTEND is a blockchain company that creates a new investment world driven by passion, purpose and meaning. It’s for all forward-thinking, like-minded people who desire to invest their money more purposefully.





innoveoInnoveo AG operates as an InsurTech Cloud software provider. Founded in 2007, Innoveo AG has offices in Zürich, Hong Kong and Budapest and services some of the world’s largest insurance companies with its product Innoveo Skye®.

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