The Swiss FinTech Awards 2020 Winners

The Swiss FinTech Awards 2020 Winners

by September 3, 2020

Since 2015 the Swiss FinTech Awards promote regional development while helping create the strongest possible Swiss fintech ecosystem.

This network, made up of selected partner organizations and fintech experts, awards Swiss fintech start-ups and influencers for the fifth time in 2020 in the categories «Early Stage Start-up of the Year», «Growth Stage Start-up of the Year» and «Fintech Influencer of the Year».

The «Early Stage Start-up of the Year» category is for start-ups which are currently working on a first demo, prototype or which are about to go-to-market with the first product or service.

Team Early Stage Start-up of the Year, Legartis: (from left) Yacine Benyaa, Caecilie Anker Nielsen, David Alain Bloch, Patrick Hunger, Andi Schoch, mentor Hasani, Philip Stark (from left) Sabrina Costa, Don Tuggener, Abhimanyu Sahai, Vivienne Clement, Julia Debatin, Tobi Ernst.

This year Legartis wins the category «Early Stage Start-up of the Year». Legartis offers a software solution to identify, classify and understand legal documents through artificial intelligence. Given increasing regulation, the Legartis solution is very interesting for the financial industry, as well as the automotive, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, as it promises significant efficiency gains when reviewing legal documents.

Start-ups which have a successful product on the market, a working business model and have clear signs of significant growth are judged in the «Growth Stage Start-up of the Year» category. Instimatch Global is the winner of 2020 in the category «Growth Stage Start-up of the Year».

Founder Hugh Macmillenand CEO Daniel Sandmeier of Instimatch Global

Instimatch Global is a cash deposits trading platform that allows short-term liquidity to circulate more efficiently between institutional borrowers and lenders. The platform significantly increases transparency and the number of available counterparties for treasurers. Instimatch Global, as a result, provides crucial innovation in an important part of finance, which up to now has relied on outdated processes. With its offering, it is on an impressive global expansion and growth trajectory.

The «Fintech Influencer of the Year» category was created for individuals or organisations who have positively shaped or influenced the Swiss fintech scene. The fintech accelerator and incubator F10 is named «Fintech Influencer of the Year» in 2020 due to its long-lasting and extensive contribution to fintech innovation in Switzerland and its expansion to Singapore. All start-ups were subject to a multi-tiered application process whereas the winner of the Influencer category was nominated directly by the jury.

F10 FinTech Influencer of the Year

F10 FinTech Influencer of the Year

The Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum acts as organiser of the Swiss FinTech Awards and their ecosystem which consists of knowledge partner Accenture, a jury of 21 designated fintech experts and several banks who provide the CHF 30,000 prize money and support the awards program. Further partners are drawn from industry associations, media and academia.

This winner-announcement follows an extensive selection process. 70 start-up applications were accepted to the awards program, the ten best rated fintech companies reached the Top 10 round. All ten companies passed through the FinTech Boot Camp organised by knowledge partner Accenture and given the opportunity to present to the assembled jury members and sponsors of the awards as part of a “speed dating session”. The four finalists were chosen based on assessments of their initial applications and their performance at the “speed dating session” and ultimately winners were selected within their respective

The 2020 Swiss FinTech Awards Top 10, finalists and winners

Below is a list of the top ten, top four (finalists) and the eventual winners of the 2020 Swiss FinTech Awards.

Top 10 Fintech Start-upsFinalistsStart-up Winners
AIDONIC (early stage)AIDONIC (early stage)Instimatch Global (growth stage)
Instimatch Global (growth stage)Instimatch Global (growth stage)Legartis (early stage)
Legartis (early stage)Legartis (early stage)Influencer of the Year
Mt Pelerin (early stage)Securosys (growth stage)F10
PriceHubble (growth stage)
Securosys (growth stage)
Sygnum (growth stage)
TrustlessAI (early stage)
Valk (early stage)
Yova (growth stage)


Fintechnews Switzerland will publish an exclusive podcast with all the winners tomorrow.

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