Raiffeisen’s Valyo Stops Online Security Issue Platform

Raiffeisen’s Valyo Stops Online Security Issue Platform

by January 24, 2022

Valyo AG discontinues business activities – Raiffeisen Switzerland guarantees paying agent function for issued securities.

Valyo AG was founded in 2019 and was able to launch its platform in June 2020, which digitised the issuing process of bonds end-to-end. Shortly afterwards, the first transactions could be processed on it.

With Valyo AG, Raiffeisen Switzerland, as sole shareholder, has ventured a foray into the digitalisation of the capital market business. Unfortunately, the general conditions in recent years, the pandemic in combination with the negative interest rate environment, have presented us with additional challenges that have negatively impacted the demand for digital issues in Switzerland.

Startup Competition venture

The general assembly of Valyo AG has therefore decided to dissolve Valyo AG. The paying agent function for securities already issued will be ensured by Raiffeisen Switzerland at all times.