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Hyppo Teams up With F10 Alumni OperCredits to Offer Digital Mortgage for Swiss Expats

Hyppo.CH, a digital home financing portal for expats in Switzerland, has partnered with Oper Credits for a complete digital mortgage journey with increased accessibility to digital-savvy expats which will be available April onwards. Keen Innovation AG, the external innovation lab

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The Voice of Reason: Hyppo.ch Offers Straight Talking on Swiss Home Ownership

Different system, different language, different rules: three factors that are quick to deter expats from pursuing home ownership in Switzerland. Sprinkle in a dose of legalese and the cost of having everything translated – with no guarantee that the end

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Keen Innovation Launches Mortgage Calculator for English Speakers in Switzerland

Homeownership and the housing market in Switzerland are complex fields to navigate on the best of days, but as an English-speaking foreigner, it becomes even trickier. Keen Innovation AG, the external innovation lab of Basler Kantonalbank Bank (BKB) and Bank

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